Judith Burzell, Owner
2790 Loker Ave.
Carlsbad, CA 92010
(760) 224-5025

San Diego Senior Services



We provide a full range of services to seniors & their families

*  Assessment, care management plan, placement or assistance staying at home

*  Help with selection of a facility if you are planning to move 

*  We can help with every aspect of your move - from organizing, cleaning, de-cluttering & packing to assistance moving, unpacking & organizing your new home, bringing in your cherished memories & the things that will make you feel at home in your new place

*   Support services for daily living - we will help with managing appointments, well-checks, scheduling, transportation, shopping & other services

*   Selling your home - we have experience in preparing your home for the best possible sale, from de-cluttering, to maintenance to Home Staging to help you get the best possible sale

Assessment, care management, placement, referrals & support services

Downsizing, including help with preparing your home for sale, & creating an "at-home" feel wherever you move

Daily support services from personal services, appointments, transportation & well-checks